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Yesterday I discovered an article published some time ago! You may learn more (in french) reading my book « Ce que révèlent vos gribouillis ». Have a nice time and have a look at your doodles!


Why do I scribble when on the phone or in a meeting?

Lindsay POUI-DI

marie france ASIA 19 January 2015



Checkerboards, a mini-wall of China, mandalas, clouds, arrows, arabesques, flowerets and other doodles tend to sneakily make their way onto any empty paper we might be holding. During a discussion, a lengthy meeting or a sudden phone call, we illustrate our pads, Post-its or corners of the pages of our austere reports with spontaneous scribbles. Once the conversation or the meeting ends, we hurry to crumple them – discreetly if possible.

Why do we scribble?

Scribbling at the office or during a phone call, particularly when we are sitting, is “a door opened to the unconscious”, according to graphologist, Sylvie Chermet-Carroy. She states, “A creative gesture, where we give freedom to our imagination, we scribble to stop worrying, facilitate the wait, but also to escape and be inspired.”

Should we be worried about scribbling?

Absolutely not. We hide or we tear our scribbles out of fear of being considered bored, but rather than betraying a lack of concentration, they indicate that we are concentrating or deepening our ideas.

No complex!

Even Victor Hugo scribbled and loved doing it, “It amuses me between two stanzas”. Essentially it is a secret language just for oneself.

Scribbling is useful…

Because it is also, “A way to release oneself from tension ».

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